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Real estate temping is an effective and flexible way to build up your skillset, fast-track your learning, and even transition to permanent work. Temping also gives you the opportunity to network with hundreds of new real estate professionals, opening up endless possibilities for your career.

That’s why at Buckmaster Hawkey, we believe in listing the best short-term jobs in Melbourne. We are Melbourne’s first and trusted real estate recruitment agency, and we cover a variety of employment types and opportunities to suit you, no matter where you currently are in your career. This includes the best real estate temp jobs on the market.


If you’re looking for temporary work in Melbourne, Buckmaster Hawkey is the real estate temp agency to help you succeed. We’ve been helping Melbourne property people for almost four decades, and we are passionate about sourcing the best talent for the most competitive jobs in Victoria.

Our consultants are committed to furthering your career in Melbourne’s real estate industry and it’s this dedicated and genuine approach that makes us so successful in placing candidates. We want to help you achieve your real estate career goals, including those for temporary jobs in Melbourne.

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When you join Buckmaster Hawkey, you’ll be granted access to a huge database of Melbourne-based real estate jobs. This database – which is connected to some of the industry’s best and most competitive employers – is constantly being updated with a range of real estate temp jobs.

Buckmaster Hawkey consultants have a strong knowledge of the real estate recruitment industry. We are well-positioned to understand the needs of employers and job seekers alike, and it’s our goal to find the perfect fit on both ends. As a result of our experience within the real estate industry, we successfully recruit and place temps across a variety of job types and levels, including (but not limited to):

  • Property Management
  • Administration
  • Reception
  • Trust Accounting
  • Owners Corporation.


We encourage all real estate professionals to join the Buckmaster Hawkey community – even if you’ve already taken on temporary work in Melbourne.

With us, your information is strictly confidential. In fact, your Buckmaster Hawkey consultant will always contact you before sharing information with a potential employer, to ensure you are comfortable and interested in the position on offer.

Even if you’re currently employed in a short-term role in Melbourne, having our team behind you is a huge strength. It streamlines the job seeking process, allowing you to explore the best employment opportunities available for your skillset. Best of all? Our team will help give you peace of mind that you’ll be valued elsewhere once your current contract ends.

If you’re already a temp with Buckmaster Hawkey, you can also log in to the payroll portal here.


Personal approach is the ideal description for the service that has been provided by who we consider our business partner Buckmaster Hawkey. It is important to Jellis Craig Inner North that we choose to pair with a service provider that takes the time to get to know our business and the ever-changing needs of our business. Buckmaster Hawkey representatives take the time to discuss the current needs of our business. With a large team we see the importance in creating a well-balanced culture and the importance of personal growth and support. Introducing a new staff member to the team is a process that we do not take lightly; it is well thought through as we are aware a new staff member can change the workplace balance and dynamic, therefore we rely on Buckmaster Hawkey to listen to the needs we are currently seeking and to deliver on those needs – a big task for Buckmaster Hawkey as we are very determined to have the right person for the role and the best fit for our business. Thank you for taking the time to listen and get to know our business, this has resulted in solving our staffing requirements, which in turn allows Jellis Craig to continue to provide excellent service to our clients.  

Donna Waters – Jellis Craig

Dear Buckmaster Hawkey, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your service. I have not used a recruitment agency before and I must say I have been very impressed with your professionalism and experience in this field. You found me a suitable job within a week and negotiated the hours and wage on my behalf. I was very glad that this part of the process was handled by you. I think in the end it will mean that the employer and employee will have realistic expectations of the role. I am looking forward to starting on the 11th of July!

Susan Mercuri

This was my first time using recruiters and I went through a number of different agencies. Sara was the only one who stuck it out from the beginning to finally placing me in a great role that met all my wants and needs in a job position. Moving from one end of Australia to the other was hard enough, but Sara took the stress out of finding a new job and also cared about our move. Couldn’t recommend enough! Thank you so much Sara.

Samantha Davies

Buckmaster Hawkey have been pivotal contributors to MRE's business growth over the past couple of years. The candidates that have been put forward are more often than not exceptional and meet the mark in regard to our very high hurdles in regard to hiring. First hurdle – culture fit! Buckmaster Hawkey know what we want - and it all starts with attitude. MRE is a high-growth company (BRW Fast 100!) and Buckmaster Hawkey have placed half a dozen candidates recently due to our high growth needs. MRE's philosophy on growth is that our people are the keys to making it all happen, consistently contributing with strong work ethics and having heaps of fun along the way. Property management is a hard gig and we've managed to recruit and retain staff at levels well above industry average. The consultants are always positive and have a can-do attitude in regard to meeting our needs. The Buckmaster Hawkey team have always acted like consummate professionals and are streets ahead of the pack in regard to integrity, execution and engagement.

Tim Ear – Melbourne Real Estate

I haven’t dealt with a lot of recruiters, only a couple – of which those I don’t even remember their names, as they obviously weren’t that impressionable. Working with Sara was one of the best experiences I have had so far. I cannot thank Sara enough for going above and beyond what I am sure is required of her. I felt like I wasn’t alone in the process and that I was supported. It’s very rare to have someone who you don’t know very well actually care. The process of finding a job whilst already working is so hard and very time consuming. Sara made the process that much easier and was so supportive even after having me placed. Very much appreciated her work and would recommend her to anyone.

Briyana Korosa

I recently applied for a job vacancy through Buckmaster Hawkey. I received a call the very next day from a senior recruitment consultant. We discussed my resume and she gave some great tips and insights on what I should do to tweak my resume. We scheduled a meeting and I met at their offices. She was friendly, bubbly and really took the time to get to know me. We discussed the vacancy I applied for and she believed I could be a suitable candidate. She put me forward for the position and two weeks later after two interviews I was made an offer. Buckmaster Hawkey kept me informed on the process and made me feel comfortable with everything that was going on. I loved having Buckmaster Hawkey walk this journey with me and more importantly for believing in me when my hopes of finding a job were becoming very doubtful, due to my working hours that were restricted as a result of my visa conditions. I will most definitely refer Buckmaster Hawkey as much as I possibly can. Thank you for such a refreshing experience.

Chantal Scheepers-Stanbridge

To the team at Buckmaster Hawkey, just wanting to thank everyone for the lovely card I received today. You guys have been amazing to deal with and I wouldn’t be where I am without your hard work, so thank you very much. Will definitely keep you in the loop. Highly recommend going through Buckmaster! Awesome recruitment agency!

Devon C