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Temping in the property industry

Are you looking for a little variety? Many people love the challenge of working in different businesses, gaining new skills and meeting new people. If you’re interested in a short term assignment in the property industry, then we want to hear from you. We are particularly interested in speaking to people who have experience in:


• Property management 

• Reception  and customer service

• Executive assistance / Personal assistants

• Bookkeeping and Trust accounting 


• Administration and accounts 

• Marketing / Advertising

• Owners corporation management

• Secretarial


To register as a Buckmaster Hawkey temp, register here 


Move your property career forward with a contracting position

Every week employers approach us with great contract opportunities. If you’ve got the right skills and experience, taking on a contract position might be just the step you need to take to further your career.


• Property management  

• Leasing experts 

• Owners corporation management 

• Trust accounting and Bookkeeping  


• Administration 

• Reception

• Valuers 


You can take your next career step today by contacting one of our property recruitment consultants here


Why work as a temp?

Working as a temp can pay off for you in many different ways, including:

• Working the hours and days that suit you

Weekly pay from Buckmaster Hawkey

Improving your skills and experience

Working in different offices, on different systems and in different sectors of the market

Getting your foot in the door of the real estate industry 

Making new contacts in the property industry - and making new friends!

Temping can also help when you’re looking for a full time position - providing you with a paycheque and the time to find the permanent opportunity that’s right for you.

What’s more, many temp positions turn into permanent positions once your employer gets to know you and what you can achieve.


temp-opportunities.jpgTemp Opportunities 

Find out what contract opportunities are available here




Temp Pointers

If you're looking for a few pointers on how to be a great temp, look no further:

  • Be on time:   Enough said, but remember this is always the first bit of feedback we receive about you from our clients.
  • You never get a second chance to make a good first impression:  Always choose the suited look and dress appropriately - it's the surest way to impress the clients - and us!
  • Never wait for work to come your way - ask for it:  If you want to make a great impression, when you've finished your tasks, ask for more. Being busy is the surest way to be liked by our clients and receive offers for other roles.
  • When in doubt, act professionally:  Avoid loud or "colloquial" language and refrain from making jokes, being overly familiar with other staff or clients at property inspections. If you're always professional, you'll never make a mistake.
  • If it's personal, keep it private:  Try not to answer any personal calls or text messages and stay away from Facebook and Twitter on the job.
  • Keep everything online above the line:  Even if you see other members of staff using the internet for personal use, always ensure you're online only to complete company tasks.
  • Remember, it's Confidential:  Real estate agents have to deal with the outcomes of the many personal issues which make people move house, and amongst themselves, agents are always highly competitive. That means no matter how juicy the gossip may seem, you should never mention it to anyone else. Don't talk to agents about other places you've worked or discuss anything personal or confidential.
    We've found over the years that this is the most common way that an otherwise great temp can come unstuck.
  • Be committed:  It's not always possible to give a lot of notice when you have to leave a temp role, but the more notice you give the merrier it will make us and our client. The right amount of notice helps us find a replacement and will leave the client with a very good impression of you.
  • Keep us up to date:  It always helps if we know your movements, so if you're about to leave, have been asked to stay or you have found another role somewhere else, please let us know. That way we're always up to date and know when to keep our eyes peeled if you need another role.

Temping is the perfect way to find the right opportunities so remember these pointers and opportunity will knock for you!


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