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Property Industry Consulting

Consulting for the property industry

After almost four decades in the industry, Buckmaster Hawkey has learnt exactly what makes property firms and real estate agencies successful. We’ve uncovered the two factors that repeatedly set topperforming real estate agencies and property firms apart from the pack. Those special ingredients are the right team and the right workplace culture. 

Real estate agencies and property firms with the right human resources plan are able to ride the ups and downs of the property marketThat’s why having the right team and workplace culture is not just nice to have – it’s the blueprint for success. It’s also where Buckmaster Hawkey can help you. Our services for success in the real estate industry include:


• Future-focused recruitment strategies
• Career mapping
• Team and skills development
• Business restructuring
• Productivity measures
• Succession planning
• Workplace needs assessment 
• Job specification preparation
• Induction planning
• Performance reviews
• Outplacement deployment programs
• Exit interviews
• Employee incentive schemes
• Property management structures 


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