Intro to Property Management Course

Buckmaster Hawkey has joined forces with two experienced Trainers who are both actively working in the Property Management industry, to provide comprehensive, hands-on training for candidates looking to gain their first Property Management role.


The Property Management Course will comprise of two full days of actual hands-on experience (completed Part Time over four evenings). This course is presented in a realistic Property Management setting and is not solely based on theory, the students will participate in ‘real life’ situations. Students will come out of the course with genuine practical experience that will give them a significant head start in their first Property Management position.


Students will practice:

• Preparing Lease Agreements

• Serving Breach Notices / Notices to Vacate

• Applying to VCAT

• Conducting a real Open Inspection – how to prepare, interacting with potential tenants, follow up etc.

• Carrying out thorough Condition Reports with the mindset that the document could need to stand up in court


Students will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive help directly from their Trainer on any areas of the subject matter covered. They will be shown step by step how to apply to VCAT and complete all notices, agreements and reports required in Property Management, and taken by their trainer on ‘field trips’ to observe Open Inspections before hosting one of their own!


To successfully pass the course, students will submit correctly completed versions of each document, report, agreement etc. covered during the course, showing a high level of understanding and competency in each task.


Dates to be advised at a later date. 


How your real estate business can benefit from training

Successful leaders understand that developing the skills of their team can deliver improved productivity, profit and cash flow to their business.

But did you know that the right training programs can also reduce staff turnover with highly aspirational Gen Y real estate agents who want to develop their careers?

Learning and development opportunities can help you keep your staff on board and:

  • Raise the productivity of a staff member or the whole team
  • Improve your client service
  • Increase your team’s flexibility
  • Give your business the capacity to grow

Best of all, investments in staff training may qualify for government incentives. To find out more about how real estate training can help your business, contact Buckmaster Hawkey.


Buckmaster Hawkey training for real estate

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