Property Managers – Are You Ready to Take Up The Rewarding Challenge?

Property Managers – Are You Ready to Take Up The Rewarding Challenge?

7 October, 2013

Real estate in Australia is on a boom and as a result numerous people are looking for good opportunities in the property market. With the increases in investment property there is obviously a need for Property Managers. It is a challenging role that covers a lot of responsibilities and legalities. A property manager is responsible to fulfill the dreams of his customers in their fixed budget.

Apart from handling clients, the job description of a property manager includes lease renewals, promotion of their properties, collecting rent, upholding of their properties, updating the records of taxes and insurance and much more. A property manager has to work from two perspectives, one is from the tenant’s perspective and the other is from the owner perspective. When working with a tenant, then you may face several things like requests for replacing all appliances in the house or complaints about the cost of rent and so on. No matter how much you want to look after your tenants you might not be able to just install a new dishwasher as you wish because the owner of the house has tied your hands with their fixed budget. Now, if you see a property manager's role from the perspective of an owner, they have to perform multiple tasks. Including hiding the identity and contact details of the owner from the tenant to avoid any type of disturbance, maintaining and updating records like account details, inspections, rent collection, expenses and many other things for the owner's convenience.

Hence, if you are keen on real estate as well as love a tough and challenging job profile then some of the following points might attract you for the position of Property Manager:

  • Must have in depth knowledge of real estate.
  • Have the ability to develop good relationships with clients.
  • Have an idea of marketplace rental values and statistics of properties.
  • Should be a good listener.
  • Must be organized and have good problem solving skills.

Overall, the task of property management becomes very rewarding and profitable when both parties become happy and satisfied.