LinkedIn profiles a danger to real estate reps?

LinkedIn profiles a danger to real estate reps?

20 March, 2012

Real Estate professionals using LinkedIn to update their employment status may be in breach of standard contracts for real estate jobs.


A simple update could alert hundreds of clients of their move and may be considered a breach of a common restraint clause which forbids contacting clients on leaving the firm.


Over the last three years, LinkedIn has become the most popular social media site for executives and professionals. But a review by Australian lawyers suggests their employer is likely to own much of the information on their profile.


Freehills partner Kate Jenkins say that an employer may claim ownership of an employee’s LinkedIn contacts and force them to remove them from their profile if they leave the organisation.


Employers may also be able to direct staff to remove any reference that they looking for work from their profile as it would breach their ''duty of fidelity'' to their employer.


Ms Jenkins says that while almost everyone is using LinkedIn to collect a network of contacts, in the past these would have been considered a confidential client list.