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Does your business need a new team member?

Is your business looking for a new team member?

If you need to recruit a property professional you should be speaking with Buckmaster Hawkey, Melbourne’s most experienced property and real estate recruitment specialist.

We’re here to help with Melbourne’s largest candidate database. Whether you’re recruiting a top line executive, an experienced professional or a motivated entrant, we have exactly the right candidate for you.

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Temporarily yours

You’ve won a tender for short term work. Your best property manager decides it’s finally time to trek across Nepal. Your receptionist breaks her leg skiing.

There’s no shortage of reasons why a property business may need to temporarily replace a staff member. But there’s just one recruitment firm you need to talk to.

At Buckmaster Hawkey, we have Melbourne’s largest pool of property talent looking for temporary assignments.

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Why use a property recruiter? 

Finding the right person for your property business can be a complicated business.

First you have to ensure the candidates have the skills and experience, not just say they have. But perhaps most importantly, they have to be the right person for your business to fit in with your team and workplace culture.

Those are just two of the reasons why you need Buckmaster Hawkey to help you find the best talent in the market.

When you engage Buckmaster Hawkey, you have Melbourne’s most experienced property and real estate recruitment team on your side. Many candidates register only with us due to our reputation for working with clients across Melbourne and finding the best jobs for real estate people.

When we help you find the right candidate for your business, you will benefit from our experience in many ways, including:

• Accessing one of the largest property candidate databases in Australia - including those who won’t see your job advertisement 

• Sounding out potential candidates through our industry wide network of contacts to find passive job seekers 

• Our knowledge of each and every one of our candidates - their skills, experience, personality and career aspirations 

• Our 30 years of experience in devising job briefs and position descriptions in consultation with our clients to assess all the options available for your business 

• Our consultants’ skill in sourcing, screening, evaluating and shortlisting the best possible people for your vacancy 

• Our thorough understanding of the candidate market place - and our advice on exactly what package you should offer to secure the right candidate

• Our experience in assessing your business to match the right candidate with your needs, team and workplace culture

• Allowing us to search for a candidate discreetly without having to alert everyone in your office - or your competitors in the marketplace

• Our placement service which lasts well after the appointment to help ensure a smooth transition of a new employee into your workplace

• Independent conducting of performance reviews to ensure your new candidate is everything you wanted them to be.

Most importantly, engaging Buckmaster Hawkey to find a candidate means you can do what you do best - focus on making your business more profitable. 


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