About Us

About Us

We’ve been helping property people for three decades

Founded in 1981, the business now known as Buckmaster Hawkey (Victoria) began as an offshoot of the Newton Business Consultancy, which specialised in advising real estate agencies and property firms. We were the first recruitment consultancy in Australia to specialise in the employment needs of the real estate and property industries.

35 years later, we’re widely recognised as the leader in recruitment and consulting advice for the property and real estate sector. Right from the start, our success has been based on the same core set of beliefs we started our journey with.

We believe that our methodical, consultative approach delivers the outcomes employers need in a tight job market. We believe that candidates appreciate our honest consultative approach to finding them the best job we can.

It’s our genuine approach which has made us No.1 - and will help us remain the industry’s leader.  


Our Approach

The Buckmaster Hawkey approach can be summed up in one word - genuine. We believe that our business will prosper if we keep our commitment to our clients and to our candidates - and always act on their behalf.

It’s this commitment to genuinely help everyone who comes through our door which has underpinned our success for all these years. We value our relationships, work hard to help our clients drive their business and do everything we can to help our candidates further their careers.

It may seem like a simple approach but to get it right each and every time takes dedication and a lot of hard work. But we’ll continue to approach our business this way because it works for our clients, for our candidates and for us.

We believe in the power of teamwork and that each team member plays a part in delivering a successful outcome to our clients and candidates.

Our consultants and the majority of our support staff not only have recruitment experience but a background in property as well.  We understand the property and real estate industry and speak your language. 


Work for us


Love people and real estate?

You may be just what we’re looking for.

At Buckmaster Hawkey, we’re always on the look out for great people who are either experienced in recruitment and love real estate or who have a strong real estate background and would like to shift their career into recruitment.

If either of these sounds like you, why don’t you come and work for us?

We’re Melbourne’s most successful real estate recruitment specialists and working at Buckmaster Hawkey has some real advantages.


Real People

At Buckmaster Hawkey, we believe that being in business doesn’t mean you have to be stiff and formal.

First and foremost, we’re always professional and treat everyone - clients, candidates and team members - with thoughtfulness and respect. But we also go out of our way to ensure we have a friendly environment, work together, support one another and enjoy a laugh around the office.    


Real Estate

Undoubtedly real estate is one of the most stimulating sectors to work in. It’s an ever changing industry, full of ambitious professionals and some larger than life characters.

Unlike many other industries, you’ll find that working with real estate people is guaranteed to keep you intrigued. 


Real Careers

We look for several attributes in our team members but one of the most important is ambition.  

You’ll never need to hide your talents at Buckmaster Hawkey as we want our team to use all of their skills, develop new abilities so they can learn and grow as a professional - and as a person.


Real Benefits

We want to attract achievers to our business and to make sure we get them; we offer some great benefits to our team.

Let’s start with pay.  When you look around, you’ll find the salaries at Buckmaster Hawkey are some of the best in the industry. We also have a bonus scheme designed to reward people who work hard, get results and do it with a smile and a professional attitude.

Being real people, we also want to make sure you have a real life.  If you have family duties or other obligations outside of work, we’ll always look for ways to make room for them -including working from home.

The term ‘work life balance’ is something we believe in.

Real estate recruitment is not a 9 to 5 job, but we don’t work weekends at Buckmaster Hawkey.

What we can say is that if you’re prepared to put your heart into it, the rewards can be terrific - both financially and in terms of personal achievement.


Now let’s make it happen.

If you want to find out more about Buckmaster Hawkey and how we can help your career progress, then maybe it’s time we spoke.


Our Team

At Buckmaster Hawkey, we only appoint staff members who are experienced, dedicated to their role and who share the same approach to business that we hold. They must be genuine, skilled in their position, committed to outstanding client service and prepared to practise what we preach.


Mark Appleby

Mark Appleby



Mark worked in property management for five years in New Zealand and it was his move to Australia and subsequent job search which led to his first encounter with Buckmaster Hawkey. He was so impressed with the organisation that after gaining recruitment experience within the IT sector, he approached the Director at the time – Pam Newton seeking a position within the business and was successful in being appointed as a recruitment consultant in 2001. He quickly joined the ranks of Buckmaster Hawkey’s most successful consultants, incorporating into his work the company’s values and ethics.


Mark’s commitment to the business resulted in his involvement in a planned Management Buyout in 2007. Together, he and Jeanette Hockney took over the Buckmaster Hawkey business from the founder who established the company in 1981.


While Mark enjoys handling all types of appointments, his speciality is selecting senior level executives in property management, leasing, real estate sales and administration. With his background in property and recruitment, Mark also has extensive experience advising clients on workplace needs assessment, remuneration and business structures in both the residential and commercial property sectors. He became DISC accredited in 2014 and is now able to add further value to his clients by using this personal assessment technique to ‘bench mark’ top performers, assess potential candidates for a role, as well as the culture of a workplace experiencing high turnover or other challenges.


Mark’s focus on quality recruitment processes and his determination to secure the best fit for his clients has made him one of the industry's leaders.


Rowena Arnold

Rowena Arnold

Department Manager - Permanent Recruitment


Rowena’s Real Estate career spans more than 20 years comprising of a variety of roles including residential sales, property management, advertising, administration and for several years she was an Executive Assistant to the Chairman of one on Australasia’s largest Real Estate groups.


In 2001 Rowena joined the PortPlus New Zealand team, a software company specialising in the provision of online services and websites for the Real Estate industry. In 2007 she moved to the company’s head office in Melbourne and became Office Manager for the company’s large IT team. In this role Rowena was responsible for all recruitment, and as such moving into Real Estate recruitment was a natural transition for her.


Rowena joined Buckmaster Hawkey in 2010. A highly skilled communicator, Rowena understands the needs of her clients and the importance of maintaining contact, from initial discussions until well after a placement is made. Beneath Rowena’s obvious dynamism lies a calm, professional consultant who constantly strives to provide her clients with all the information they require to make the right recruitment decisions for their business.


Sandra Onley

Sandra Onley

Recruitment Consultant 


Sandra began her career as a teacher and transitioned into recruitment in 2008 specialising in the educational sector.


In 2013 Sandra joined Buckmaster Hawkey quickly and successfully adapting to working with Buckmaster Hawkey’s stringent recruitment practises, and is well aligned to our values – particularly around our approach to transparency and communication.


Sandra commenced as a Candidate Resourcer in the Temp division and is now a Recruitment Consultant with the Perm team as a Recruitment Consultant.


Sandra is a strong communicator, a team player who loves a challenge and always has our clients’ and candidates end-goals in mind. A positive attitude and determined nature are two key ingredients to her success.


Sandra enjoys recruiting the full variety of roles within the Real Estate industry and has a particular passion for helping new people with transferable skills, get into the industry at entry level, whether it be reception/administration, assistant property manager and leasing executive roles or as a Sales PA. She has also successfully placed many candidates into roles at senior level in Property Management (both residential and commercial), bookkeeping and sales support. Feedback from clients has been extremely positive, with some of Sandra’s candidates being promoted within 6 months of employment, and clients have also been impressed with the calibre of candidate and their fit for their office.


Sandra in her spare time loves being with her one year old Louis. She also enjoys seeking out new cafes and bars and enjoys a good coffee or a craft beer on the weekend.


Sibell Kursat

Sibell Kursat

Financial Controller


Sibell joined Buckmaster Hawkey in 2011, bringing with her a decade of experience in finance administration and office management. Before joining the Buckmaster Hawkey team, Sibell worked at management level in the debt recovery industry. Sibell's extensive skill set includes liquidation, litigation, trust accounting, staff training, IT and the implementation of corporate procedures.


Sibell balances her business acumen with a creative flair. She is a talented and highly accomplished photographer, specialising in weddings as well as family and corporate portraits. Many of the photos featured on the Buckmaster Hawkey website were taken by Sibell.


With her confident, friendly demeanour and considerable experience and expertise, Sibell delivers comprehensive and professional service to our clients and is a highly valued member of the Buckmaster Hawkey team.


Dayle Stewart

Dayle Stewart

Recruitment Consultant 


Dayle’s outstanding ability to cultivate and build strong relationships in the real estate industry stems from her extensive background. After working internationally in the UK and in Melbourne’s real estate scene as a Business Development Manager, Dayle decided after 10 years that it was time for a career change. “My experience has given me an ability to understand and read people extremely well and so I decided to venture into the exciting world of real estate recruitment.”


Her invaluable experience in a fast-paced environment, coupled with her industry knowledge and a strong network is providing a significant advantage. It is Dayle’s passion for people and our industry specialisation that enables her to deliver results over and above our clients’ expectations. She prides herself on her ability to create long-term business relationships by building authentic trust and rapport.


Dayle is passionate about recruiting and retaining the best people for the real estate industry. She is a conscientious, diligent employee who prides herself on creating successful matches for her clients and candidates alike.


Nikki Ainsworth

Nikki Ainsworth

Candidate Resourcer


Bubbly and vivacious, Nikki Ainsworth joined Buckmaster Hawkey in 2016 and her personality shines through in her role as “Candidate Resourcer.” Nikki’s successful career includes working for Qantas as an International Flight Attendant where she was commemorated for her service dedication and won the prestigious accolade, “Winner of the Excel Service Award” in 2010. After six years of flying internationally, she transitioned into real estate as an Executive Assistant before making the move into real estate recruitment.


Working in the fast paced recruitment industry felt natural for Nikki as she loves the interaction with candidates. “Having worked in real estate for just over 2 years, I gained knowledge and experience in all aspects of real estate. This, along with my tourism/customer service background, made my skill set transferable to the recruitment field,” she explained.


Those who are interviewed by Nikki feel instantly at ease with her warm, personable approach and she constantly brings positive energy into the office with her upbeat personality. “My customer service experience (especially in my face to face role as a Flight Attendant with Qantas), professionalism, strong work ethic and knowledge of real estate (especially EA/PA roles) are the qualities which I bring to my role,” she said.


Elly Ashton

Elly Ashton

Recruitment Consultant – Temporary Staff Services


Elly Ashton’s determination to succeed in whatever she does makes her a gold winner in both her professional and personal life. In 2009, Elly represented New Zealand in the national canoe polo team and her admirable traits of “Persistence and Determination” can be seen not only at the Oceania Championships but also in the Buckmaster Hawkey quarters.


After completing high school, Elly had her sights set on joining the NZ Navy but instead she decided to venture out on the trip of a lifetime for three years, living and travelling throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and South Africa. When returning from this trip, her hometown seemed small and unchanging, so she made the move to Melbourne for a more exciting lifestyle.


Within only three weeks at Buckmaster Hawkey, Elly progressed from Receptionist to her current role, Consultant of Temporary Staff Services. This is a testimony to her ability to learn the ropes quickly and thrive in any task she completes. “When the Temp Consultant role came up it seemed only natural to progress. I love that it’s such a fast paced environment but still very administrative. It means I never get bored.”


Her employment background consists of customer service, sales, administration, accounts and production planning. She likes to understand how a company works as a whole and therefore enjoys moving around within a company exploring and mastering different roles so she can piece together the larger picture.



Lana Hassall

Office Administrator


Joining the Buckmaster Hawkey team in 2016, Lana started as our front desk administrator being responsible for a high volume and diverse range of administration tasks associated with the busy front of house role. In less than a year, after recognising Lana’s full potential, she was given the opportunity to join our Candidate Resourcing team. Lana has transitioned seamlessly into the role of a Candidate Resourcer with excitement and enthusiasm.


Lana recently moved back home to Melbourne after spending the last two and a half years living in the UK. Before her big move Lana worked in Property Management for just over three years; ready for a change but still wanting to follow her passion of Real Estate. As such, recruitment felt like a natural fit. She is enjoying the change in industry and the fast-paced environment that the recruitment industry brings.



Janie Cahir



Changing roles or looking for a new career path can be one of the most stressful experiences in life. As the first point of contact with candidates and clients, Janie has a natural aptitude in providing a stellar level of service. With her warm and welcoming nature, she makes all our visitors feel instantly at ease.


Since joining the Buckmaster Hawkey team in 2017, Janie has been in charge of a high volume of administration and a diverse range of tasks associated with this role.


Janie has a long standing history in customer service and has worked with some of Australia’s most iconic and established companies including Commonwealth Bank and Jellis Craig. With two years experience in Real Estate administration, Janie strives for perfection and enjoys the daily interaction with a variety of candidates.


Janie spends her weekends applying her acquired certificate accredited make up skills, playing competition netball and enjoys going to the footy.